Youth hunt participant with his first hog harvested (Atchafalaya Delta WMA).
ADWMA - Duck Hunting - Youth Weekend
Calcasieu River

Calcasieu River System

Size: Approximately 202 river miles, but has seven major tributaries that add an additional 253 stream miles to the system.

Public Piers Available: 2 (Riverside Park and Cameron Jetties)

Public Access Boat Launches Available: 11

Common Fishing Species: In the freshwater areas there are largemouth bass, crappie and catfish (blue, channel and flathead).

In the saltwater areas fisherman target spotted sea trout, redfish, black drum and flounder.

Additional Information: The Calcasieu River system has several areas that are scenic streams, Barnes Creek, Beckwith Creek, Bundicks Creek, Upper Calcasieu River, Lower Calcasieu River, Drake’s Creek, Hickory Branch, Six Mile Creek, Ten Mile Creek, and Whiskey (Ouiska) Chitto Creek. Sam Houston State Park is located on the bank of the West Fork of the Calcasieu River and has one of the highest number of visitors each year.

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 Fun Fact

There are many unique non-game fish species in this sandy-bottom river, such as the western sand darter. This fish is a focus species for our Wildlife Diversity section and it is also a Species of Greatest Conservation Need according to the 2015 State Wildlife Action Plan.



Atchafalaya Delta

Wildlife Management area

Acreage: 137,695

Location: Located about 25 miles south of Morgan City and Calumet in St. Martin Parish. Access to Atchafalaya Delta WMA is by boat only.

Owner: State of Louisiana

Description: At the mouths of the Atchafalaya River and the Wax Lake Outlet, Atchafalaya Delta WMA mostly consists of open water in Atchafalaya Bay. Within the bay, two deltas (Main Delta and Wax Lake Delta) have formed from the accretion of sediments from the Atchafalaya River and from dredged material deposited by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Main Delta has about 15,000 acres of marsh and scrubby habitat. Wax Lake Delta has about 12,000 acres of marsh.

Popular Game Species: Deer hunting is not permitted on Wax Lake Delta. Deer hunting on Main Delta is restricted to adult archery hunting and annual youth lottery gun hunts. Harvest per unit effort on deer is extremely high. Waterfowl and rabbit hunting and fur trapping are permitted.

Atchafalaya Delta WMA is popular for fishing, especially for redfish, catfish, bass and bluegill.

How to Enjoy: Atchafalaya Delta WMA has two campgrounds with primitive restrooms. There are also a number of pilings available for houseboat mooring. You must have a permit for overnight mooring (16-day or hunting season permit). You may obtain hunting season overnight mooring privileges via a five-year lease or lottery. Year-round mooring is prohibited.

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You can only access Atchafalaya Delta WMA by boat. It is located about 25 miles south of Morgan City and Calumet.



Additional Information

 Calcasieu River System

For more information contact:

213 North Lakeshore Drive

Lake Charles, LA 70601




Atchafalaya WMA

For more information contact:

Lafayette Field Office: 337-735-8667


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