Waterbody & Wildlife Management Area



Bayou D’Arbonne Lake

Size: 15,000 acres


Maximum Depth: 35 feet


Public Piers Available: 2 (at State Park)


Public Boat Launches Available: 12


Artificial Reefs: 6


Common Fishing Species: Largemouth bass, crappie, channel catfish, bream (bluegill and redear sunfish).


Additional Information: D’Arbonne is known for its great crappie fishing and has attracted national attention. Multiple tournament trails are making stops, including state and national championships.


A State Park (Lake D’Arbonne State Park) and multiple private rental cabins are available.


Fun Fact

D’Arbonne Lake is the largest lake in northeast LA.


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Big Lake

Wildlife Management area

Acreage: 19,231


Location: Franklin, Tensas, Madison parishes. Big Lake WMA is located 12 miles east of Gilbert. Major access routes include Louisiana Highways 4 and 610. LDWF maintains a system of all-weather gravel roads and numerous ATV trails that provide access to area users.


Owner: LDWF


Description: The forested area of Big Lake WMA consists of relatively closed overstory canopy with a fairly dense understory. Major tree species include nuttall, water, willow, and overcup oak; American and cedar elm; sweetgum; bitter pecan; honey locust; sugarberry; willow; sycamore; persimmon; red maple; box elder; and cypress. The understory includes rattan, Rubus sp., Crataegus sp., swamp dogwood, Vitis sp., deciduous holly, elderberry, Smilax sp., baccharis, switchcane, poison ivy, and many herbaceous species.


Popular Game Species: The most popular game species on Big Lake WMA are white-tailed deer, squirrels, rabbits, and turkey. There are youth-only deer and turkey seasons. Boat launches are available on most of the area’s lakes. Recreational fishing for largemouth bass, crappie, sunfish and catfish, as well as crawfishing and frogging are popular with area users.


How to Enjoy: There are no public camping areas on Big Lake WMA; however, campsites are available to the public for a fee on adjacent private property. The 1-mile Trusler Lake Hiking Trail is located on the interior of Big Lake WMA. Several walking trails follow pipeline rights-of-way.


Big Lake WMA and Tensas National Wildlife Refuge are home to a thriving population of Louisiana black bear. Reported sightings are steadily increasing, and black bear research is ongoing in this entire area.


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Additional Information

Bayou D’Arbonne Lake

For more information contact: 318-343-4044

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Big Lake WMA

For more information contact: 318-343-4044


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