False River History

1600 – 1722

False River oxbow lake forms when long Mississippi River meander loop is naturally cut off from main flow of river by 1722.

1722 - 1947

Bayou Sere serves as primary natural outlet for False River, other than connections to Mississippi River (False Bayou and The Chenal). Connections are separated completely from Mississippi River by construction of mainline levees no later than 1930.

1964 - 1975

Period in which the U.S. Soil Conservation Service (now the Natural Resource Conservation Service) developed the Bayou Grosse Tête Watershed Project with the Pointe Coupee Parish Police Jury and the Upper Delta Soil and Water Conservation District. The purpose of the project was to prevent flooding, improve drainage in the watershed and improve farming conditions.


The Bayou Grosse Tête Watershed Work Plan is approved by Congress.


Largemouth bass management plan takes effect; slot limit of 15 to 19 inches, daily limit of eight fish of which no more than two may exceed 19 inches. Aquatic vegetation coverage begins decline in the north end of False River.


Bayou Grosse Tête Watershed Project completed.


The least amount of vegetation in 14 years is recorded.


LDWF fish sampling results indicate that the largemouth bass population is in decline. In March, LDWF alters the lake classification from a trophy lake to a lake of special concern.


Louisiana House of Representatives pass Concurrent Resolution; requests that the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources and LDWF jointly study and make recommendations relative to drainage and sedimentation in False River.

2000 - 2011

LDWF continued to monitor the fisheries in False River as plans for restoration, along with funding sources, were hashed out.


Formation of the False River Watershed Council. LDWF begins restocking the lake with fish and gravel spawning beds are created.


Creation of a 16.5 acre island in the South Flats of False River begins. Dredged silt and sediment are used to construct the island.


First full drawdown of the lake to 10.5 mean sea level from 16 mean sea level is instituted shortly after Labor Day. Concluded on Jan. 15, 2017.


Restoration project on M-1 and M-2 Canals to prohibit sediment runoff concludes.


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